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Match A Thread

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Match A Thread


Patented Design Includes SAE Inch and Metric Bolt/Nut Gauge.
Heavy Duty Nylon Boards.

Blue is SAE and Red is Metric.
30 SAE Inch Bolt and 30 Inch Nut Sizes from 3-48 -3/4"-16 
19 Metric Bolt and 19 Nut Sizes from 2mm - 16mm
Largest selection of sizing available.
Reversible and Easy to handle 8.5" x 6" x 2" Boards.
Match the bolt on one side or flip the board for corresponding nut sizes.
Quickly confirms the size of a nut or bolt.

No need to run to the hardware store!
Includes a Stand, a Magnet and a Ruler for each Board.


$79 per set

Now avialable on EBay or Amazon



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