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Magnetic Clutch

Roller Clutch Tools has designed and patented a unique clutch device using magnetic plates.  The benefits of this design include:


1.        No contact power transfer

2.       Eliminates vibration, noise, heat and friction wear

3.       Provides overload protection

4.       Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

5.       Energy efficiency: 60% audited energy savings in various installations.

6.       Soft start - Reduces the motor's start-up power demands, allows downsizing of motors and increases motor life.

7.       Extends battery cycle time and battery life

8.       Provides shock protection for hand held tools such as drills, sanders and radial saws.

9.         Ideal for electric fork lifts and delivery vans

10.       US 10557535 Douglass




Clutch with neodymium magnets
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