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Welcome to Roller Clutch Tools

Roller Clutch Tools is a product design and manufacturing company based in California.  We have developed and patented a unique, reversible clutch mechanism which uses rollers rather than gears. Rollers are stronger, more efficient and safer than the teeth found on ordinary gears.  All of our roller tools benefit from this innovative design and continue to function in the tightest of spaces.  No more frustration from your tool stalling out when the handle lacks enough room to swing.

Roller Clutch Tools come with a lifetime warranty and are available fully assembled or in a kit form. We support additive manufacturing and utilize Direct Metal Laser Sintering to build our prototypes. Our clutch spindles are available either as a machined steel or as a Laser Sintered stainless steel. Our detachable wrench handles are available as an ABS plastic and are fabricated with 3D printing. Our goal is to develop a line of tools that are entirely 3D compatible.

Snap-on FZero now available

Team Members





Stu Douglass-Inventor and Founder

Dan Adams- Inventor and Mechanical Engineer

Steve Adelman-Inventor and Mechanical Engineer

Brook Drumm-Inventor and 3D Printer Specialist

John Maxey-Attorney and CPA


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